Angel and Venture Backed

Angel inventors and venture capital funds want to see their startup and emerging technology company investments succeed. In order to do so, startups and emerging businesses need to position themselves in a unique and compelling way, gain significant visibility, drive industry thought leadership and do so in a cost effective manner. Portfolio companies often rely on their in-house marketing person or on the public relations staff at their investors’ firms to handle their public relations needs.

At AVID PR™, our team members have extensive experience in helping venture capital and angel investor portfolio companies – across a wide spectrum of technologies. We help our clients build credibility, competitively position themselves against competitors and reshape how all players in a market are measured, evaluated and perceived.

Our team has helped startups and emerging companies through the launch of their initial product or service – all the way through key financial events, including ongoing rounds of funding, the filing of their S1, going public or being acquired.

We offer the public relations programs that deliver the highest marketing return-on-investment. Our innovation is the deep integration of a spectrum of industry influencers at the core of our clients’ public relations activities. In doing so, we drive campaigns for small and emerging businesses that generate the greatest credibility, drive industry thought leadership, deliver the highest impact and provide measurable results. In short, we help our clients achieve influence.