The media landscape continues to undergo an unprecedented transformation. Historically, public relations has been a very media-driven marketing discipline. In the future, success will be determined by a company’s ability to successfully augment their media relations by building and leveraging networks of influencers and advocates that passionately act as ambassadors for their brand.

At AVID PR™, we help our clients become industry thought leaders by engaging the key industry influencers that will change the way their organization – and their competitors – are measured and perceived. This tight integration of influencers into media relations and social media campaigns generates powerful business networks for our clients.

At AVID PR™, we work with a spectrum of B2B and B2C industry influencers, developing a unique and tailored mix that generates the highest ROI. Our specialists identify, connect and successfully engage an evolving group of key individuals that affect consumers’ and decision makers’ perceptions and behaviors. Influencers include academics, industry association executives, think tanks, NGOs, consumer advocates and industry analysts, among many others.