I have worked with Ed multiple times as a client. He has provided strategic insight and has built relationships with industry players that have garnered coverage. His efforts have driven awareness, leads and has helped established the companies as industry thought leaders.

Glenn Gaudet, CEO of GaggleAmpPrincipal

I have been Ed’s client twice – at Tungle and with Nimcat Networks. In both cases, Ed helped us position the companies, build influencer relationships and get coverage that enabled us to drive engagement. In addition to building awareness, the coverage Ed generated drove the perceptions of Nimcat Netowrks and Tungle as industry thought leaders. In both cases, the companies were acquired as very strategic resources by successful organizations.

Marc Gingras, former CEO of Tungle

PR people have to tread the fine line between engaging the analyst and being overly annoying, Ed treads that line with elegance and exemplifies how to maintain this balance, assuring his clients get coverage yet not burning the relationship in the process.   I’d recommend Ed to anyone who wants a real pro on their account.

Rob EnderlePrincipal AnalystEnderle Group

Ed Schauweker has always been a consummate professional in my dealings with him: honest, reliable, courteous, responsive and prompt.

Roger ParloffSenior Editor (Legal Affairs)Fortune Magazine

The toughest part about working with Ed Schauweker was learning how to spell his last name. It was worth the effort. With his proactive outreach and great responsiveness, Ed facilitated mutually beneficial dialogue with a major presence in the consumer technology industry and helped to strengthen a relationship between his client and me.

Ross RubinPrincipal AnalystReticle Research

I have worked with Ed across several high-profile clients. He has always been responsive and is a terrific facilitator of dialogue and relationships. Ed ‘gets’ the influencer community.

Mark LowensteinManaging DirectorMobile Ecosystem

As an analyst in the printer industry, I have worked with Ed Schauweker for many years. The analyst briefings he has organized are always helpful and his follow-through in terms of finding information or arranging meetings or phone calls has always been outstanding. He understands the technology I cover and ensures that I have what I need to do my job.

Charles LeComptePresidentLyra Research

Ed is a strategic communications expert. When I worked with him, he often came up with innovative new approaches to communications challenges that involved clever multi-pronged strategies to cut through the noise and clutter.

Magnus FelkeSr. Director, Global Go-to-Market, Qualcomm

Ed’s professionalism, responsiveness and proactivity have been instrumental in making us aware of various issues, his clients’ point-of-view and activities; as well as industry participants’ actions. He has also assisted us in working to publicize issues with key media that benefit consumers. It is a pleasure to work with him.

Steve PociaskPresidentThe American Consumer Institute Center for Citizen Research

Working with public relations professionals can be a challenge. Most of the time, it is difficult for them to strike the right balance of responsiveness and proactivity. Ed Schauweker has been effective in helping us establish relationships with a number of his clients.

Tim BajarinPresident, Creative Strategies