Emerging Technology

Small and emerging technology companies have the challenge of explaining their innovation – be it product or service – in a manner that is compelling, distinct and quite often, understandable. If everyone readily recognized the “hole” or “unmet need” that your product or service addresses, numerous companies would already have a solution for it.

At AVID PR™, our team members have extensive experience in helping small and emerging companies – across a wide spectrum of technologies – including analog, digital and mixed signal semiconductors; telecom and IP networking equipment; wireless handsets and networks, open source software; business applications; desktop and smartphone operating systems and security software and services, among others. We help our clients build credibility, competitively position themselves against competitors and reshape how all players in a market are measured, evaluated and perceived.

We offer the public relations programs that deliver the highest marketing return-on-investment. Our innovation is the deep integration of a spectrum of industry influencers at the core of our clients’ public relations activities. In doing so, we drive campaigns for small and emerging businesses that generate the greatest credibility, drive industry thought leadership, deliver the highest impact and provide measurable results. In short, we help our clients achieve influence.