I get asked this question all the time, why should a company invest in IP public relations activities.

Well, the bottom line is that an effective IP public relations campaign will increase industry thought leadership and corporate valuations. Often overlooked, but incredibly important in measuring industry thought leadership, today, is the is the perception of a company’s intellectual property.

So how does it work?

We know the reporters that cover IP in the industry trade, intellectual property and business publications that impact your company. We guide you in fostering relationships with these media outlets in order to gain articles.

By obtaining a mix of news, feature and executive bylined articles that highlight your IP activities and accomplishments – we build a portfolio of pieces that drive overall industry thought leadership, increase sales leads, provide your sales team with powerful marketing materials, drive partnerships and create a perceived moat around your business, among many other benefits.

So how do we do it?

As the only public relations firm that caters to the needs of corporate IP teams and patent law firms, we have relationships with the IP reporters at the business, IP and industry trade publications that matter most to a business. Our team has decades of experience helping companies leverage their IP to increase industry thought leadership.