About AVID Public Relations™

At AVID Public Relations™, our innovation is the deep integration of a spectrum of industry influencers at the core of our clients’ public relations activities. In doing so, we drive campaigns for startups and emerging businesses that generate industry thought leadership and deliver the highest impact to provide measurable results. In short, we help our clients achieve influence.

Creativity and aggressive execution are a critical business differentiator in our increasingly networked world. Winners are innovative and nimble in leveraging the right public relations programs to achieve rapid and lasting influence with their customers and other key stakeholders.

We help small and medium emerging businesses build credibility, competitively position themselves against competitors and reshape how all players in a market are measured, evaluated and perceived. We achieve results through a combination of earned media placements integrated with relationships with influencers who can champion and reinforce our clients’ messages – a combination that complements and provides greater credibility than – simply paid or owned messages.