Maximizing credibility and value of in-house IP teams at corporations, IP law firms and defensive patent management organizations.

Chantilly, VA (June 24, 2020) – AVID Public Relations (AVID PR) is announcing a transition, becoming the premier, intellectual property (IP) public relations firm. Leveraging more than two decades of IP communications experience, AVID PR is uniquely capable of gaining awareness of, and industry thought leadership for, IP executives, their organizations and activities. Amplifying IP-industry, business and trade media coverage maximizes the credibility and value of in-house IP teams at corporations, IP law firms and defensive patent management organizations.

“AVID PR is the only firm optimized for maximizing clients’ success in their public relations activities, where their technology and intellectual property intersect,” said Edward Schauweker, CEO of AVID Public Relations. “We look forward to building on the decades of experience our team has in driving thought leadership campaigns that support IP organizations’ activities.”

Corporate IP teams, IP law firms and patent management organizations have unique media and influencer relations needs. AVID PR designs and executes tailored public relations campaigns that bolster activities unique to IP organizations, including:

  • Developing and effectively communicating messages regarding the value and differentiators of IP assets;
  • Announcing IP acquisitions, sales, key licensing, as well as patent grants and copyright registrations, among others;
  • Supporting speeches, roundtable discussions, testimony and amicus briefs to industry and government with coverage in key media;
  • Projecting the value and key differentiators of a patent management organization to potential partners, licensees and aggressors via media and industry influencers regarding IP assets, cross licenses, etc.;
  • Supporting public responses to demand letters, threats of assertion and other protective actions;
  • Driving awareness of IP Law firms’ specializations, capabilities, experience and other differentiators to assist in new client business development;
  • Supporting defensive prosecution of patentability and validity challenges;
  • Gaining awareness of published defensive publications and the context for their creation and value.

AVID PR works with clients to ensure that their value and activities receive significant exposure with the IP, business and industry trade audiences which matter the most. The firm drives campaigns that foster IP executives’ credibility as industry thought leaders, while ensuring that their legal activities are well understood – and accurately and positively reported by the media. Additionally, its team frequently serves as a bridge between an in-house IP team and corporate communications, seamlessly ensuring that the IP team’s activities are effectively communicated, while completely aligning with overall corporate messages and strategy.

About AVID Public Relations

Founded in 2013, AVID PR is the premier IP public relations firm. It maximizes its clients’ public relations success, where their technology and intellectual property intersect. It is the most effective public relations firm for corporate IP teams, defensive patent management organizations and IP law firms.  As the only firm of its kind, AVID PR is uniquely capable of amplifying IP-oriented media and influencer relations coverage in business, IP industry and technology media. For more information, please visit

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